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Replacing or having a chimney flue cap installed is an inexpensive way to protect your home from outdoor elements that shouldn't be getting in. By adding a chimney flue cap you are also increasing the life and effectiveness of your chimney. 

The number one reason to have a chimney flue cap installed is to keep rainwater out. When rain gets into your chimney it deteriorates the inside liner causing the bricks to crumble. After time this could create a serious issue that would require expensive repairs. A chimney flue cap redirects the rain so that it cannot get in. 

Animal pests are another reason having an effective chimney flue cap is so important. Birds love to build nests inside chimneys and raccoons enjoy the warm, dark chimney to raise their young. The metal surround of a chimney flue cap stops these critters from getting into your chimney and possibly into your home. 

Debris like leaves and twigs should not be getting into your chimney. If they do, once you light a nice, hot fire, large sparks can light those leaves and twigs on fire.You wouldn't want those leaves and twigs to fall into your fireplace either.

Lastly, chimney flue caps stop the downdraft that push smoke back into your home. 

**Chimney flue caps come in a variety of sizes, depending on the needs of your chimney, as well as in three colors; stainless steel, black and copper.

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